May 7, 2020

Wilbur‐Ellis Company and A&P Inphatec Enter Distribution Agreement in California for XylPhi‐PD™, a Treatment and Prevention for Symptoms of Pierce’s Disease (PD)

DENVER & Palo Alto, CA – May 7, 2020 – Wilbur Ellis, a recognized leader in precision agriculture, crop protection, seed, nutritional and biological products, in cooperation with A&P Inphatec, a specialist developer of bacteriophages, announced today the agreement to distribute XylPhi‐PD™, a bacteriophage treatment for organic production that offers biologically‐based reduction of PD in grapevines.

XylPhi‐PD™ (EPA Reg. No. 93909‐1) is developed by A&P Inphatec registered for use in California and is OMRI Listed. XylPhi‐PD™ is in limited release for the 2020 crop season and is being utilized by several innovative vineyards. A field day for growers is scheduled for September. Wider availability of the product is planned for 2021.

Wilbur Ellis Agribusiness R&D Director Mike Rupert, said, “We evaluated XylPhi‐PD™ at several sites with a history of Pierce’s Disease in 2019. We were very pleased with the first‐season trial results which showed PD incidences reduced by 36%. These important trials are ongoing for 2020.”

“The use of XylPhi‐PD™ is a huge step forward for vineyards combating Pierce’s Disease,” says Monte Bello Estate (Ridge Vineyards) Director of Vineyard Operations Kyle Theriot. “The bacteriophage directly targets the Xylella bacteria that causes PD, keeping vines alive, and extending the time they are productive before a complete replant might be necessary. Plus, it is an OMRI Listed product. Previously, the only way to effectively combat PD has been to use insecticides against the vector.”

This press release is intended for informational use only and cannot be used as a replacement for product label. Any products mentioned in this press release may only be sold in states where they are registered or where registration is not a factor. Please contact your local Wilbur‐Ellis Representative for more information.

About the Wilbur‐Ellis Companies

Founded in 1921, the Wilbur‐Ellis companies are leading international marketers and distributors of agricultural products, animal feed and specialty chemicals and ingredients. By developing strong relationships, making strategic market investments and capitalizing on new opportunities, the Wilbur‐Ellis companies have continued to grow the business with sales now over $3 billion.

Wilbur‐Ellis Agribusiness generates more than $2 billion in sales revenue annually and has over 160 branch locations throughout the U.S.

About A&P Inphatec:

A&P Inphatec, LLC is manufacturing and commercializing the first product (XylPhi‐PD™) to treat symptoms of Pierce’s Disease in grapevines. A&P Inphatec has been working to create a new solution for Pierce’s Disease since 2007 and developed XylPhi‐PD™ a new product registered with the EPA and California DPR in 2019. A&P Inphatec’s solution utilizes bacteriophages to target and kill the bacteria at the source of the problem – giving growers a certified organic (by OMRI) biologically‐based solution to a rising threat in California Vineyards.

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