Mode of Action
  • 1. XylPhi-PD™ Mode of Action

    XylPhi-PD™ is an OMRI-listed bactericide for Growers and Vineyard Management Services who require prevention and treatment for Pierce’s Disease. Kyle Theriot (Ridge Vineyards) explains the role of the vector and the devastating impact of Pierce's Disease on grapevines. Dr. Carlos Gonzalez (Texas A&M) reviews how the phage directly targets the causative bacteria, Xylella fastidiosa and is an alternative to costly rogueing and replanting. XylPhi-PD™ has proven efficacy in almost 10 years of University and field trials.

Strategic Use
  • 1. XylPhi-PD™ Strategic Use at Korbel Winery

    John Bidia and Aaron DeBeers review Korbel Winery's first season of XylPhi-PD™ use in a high Pierce's Disease pressure vineyard along the Russian River. Doug Snyde (Wilbur Ellis) explains that XylPhi-PD™ is the first product that targets the disease causing bacteria directly in grapevines. Previous control options were limited to vector control, mainly with insecticides or treating host plants. Korbel is using XylPhi-PD™ to create buffer zones along riparian areas and to treat hot spots within blocks.

  • 2. XylPhi-PD™ Strategic Use at Ridge Vineyards

    Ridge Vineyards (Kyle Theriot and David Gates) reports their progress with XylPhi-PD™ use in high PD zones at their historic Santa Cruz ranch where vines are 80-100 years of age. Currently, the vineyard rogues vines with chronic PD as they do not use insecticides and follow organic practices. Armon Azevedo (Wilbur Ellis) explains how Ridge is using XylPhi-PD™ to strategically reduce PD pressure with a block treatment as well as treating hotspots.

  • 1. XylPhi-PD™ Efficacy: Napa & Sonoma 2-year Commercial Field Trial Result

    Armon Azevedo and Mike Rupert from Wilbur Ellis review XylPhi-PD™ efficacy results from the 2020 field trial sites with ongoing, high PD pressure. 60% fewer vines in the “2019 & 2020 XylPhi-PD™ Treated” group displayed PD symptoms. 35% fewer vines in the “2020 XylPhi-PD™ Treated” group had PD symptoms. PD was confirmed with qPCR. The Dry Creek site shown in the video, used XylPhi-PD™ in paralell with an insecticide program. Results from 4 different field trial sites tracked for 2 years are included.

  • 2. XylPhi-PD™ Efficacy: Lytton Springs Fruit Yield Data, 2018-20

    Healthy vines treated with XylPhi-PD™ demonstrated up to 72% PD incidence reduction, less disease severity, no mortalities, and produced 1.34 lb more fruit/vine/year compared to buffer-treated control vines. In addition, a side-by-side wine production study concluded that wine quality was not impacted by phage use.

  • 3. Dry Creek Virtual Field Day 2021: XylPhi-PD™ Biocontrol for Pierce's Disease

    Field Trial Specialists from Wilbur-Ellis and A&P Inphatec walk the vineyard and review 3-year field trials results. XylPhi-PD™ reduced detectable Xylella fasitdiosa by 55%, increased fruit yield by 17% and prevented new infections by 80-100%.

  • 1. UC Davis Field Day
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    Part 2

  • 3. UC Davis Field Day
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  • 5. UC Davis Field Day
    Part 7

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